Saturday, August 20, 2011

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I do apologize to any and all that I may have disappointed by creating this blog and then pretty much forgetting about it :o( Over the years it dropped off of my radar, and I began writing elsewhere.

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Peace and love!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

You don't have to be gay

There is no switch to turn it off. I don't think much in this world works that way. You probably know this first hand.

But I am a man who in past times identified myself as "gay." Quite basically, I was attracted exclusively to men. That was my thing. I believed in it, and I lived it.

But then there came a moment when everything that I believed about life, myself, and God, got turned upside down. Something happened. Something changed. I met a Savior - the Christ, and He plucked me out of a very deep, dark pit that I could not see my way out of.

My attractions to men did not disappear immediately. I was saved from my sin, after all, not my sexuality. But as God began the long and arduous process of sanctification in my life, everything began to change.

So I am writing this blog to tell you that you don't have to be gay. It is a bold statement, I know. It is a controversial statement (understatement, I know!). But the weight of that phrase has to do with a whole lot more than homosexuality. And to get to the heart of the matter means taking a little road trip and visiting some places that may seem uncommon and unfamiliar, yet oh so welcoming all at once! And I want to "go there" with you. Truth be told, I am still "going there" myself, and I am as yet an unfinished work. But there is a grand mystery unraveling, and there is a strand of that mystery that appeals to you and me, my friend. This is the meat of my message.

I am not sure exactly who might ever read this, but it is quite possible that there are people out there scrolling this page who may be desperately hungry for answers. Maybe you are attracted to men; you may even be in a relationship with a man - but at the end of the day, you are not at peace, and no matter how much society tells you that "being gay is O.K." you still don't buy it. You have a hunch (even if it is almost too small to pay any mind to) that there is something more to all of this than what first meets the eye.

So I guess if could choose my audience, it would be these folks: Searchers. You have a hunch about some things, and it has led you to this blog. This is where I want our conversation to begin. Let me go ahead and tell you that I am most certainly not your answer.

My appeal to you is that I know of One who is.